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"MindDev reveals the truth about limitless possibilities. The programme imparted the virtues of planting a seed and watching it grow while maintaining consistency in my approach and staying true to my goals."
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Great success and riches comes only to those who expect, plan and demand these things.

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The power of Thought
People are beginning to understand the power of Intangible force such as gravity, but have little understanding of the most powerful of all intangibles, the power of thought. More.
Susceptibility To Negative Influences
A very subtle and deeply seated evil by which most people suffer and results in abundant failure is the susceptibility to negative influence. Its effects are more fatal than all of the six basic fears and it is extremely difficult to detect and conquer. More.
Subconcious Mind
The subconscious mind is the powerhouse of human beings for maintenance of the body and the transmutation of desires into reality. More.

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Riches are within reach of every human being but most people do not know how to grasp the riches that are available to them. A great number of people live in poverty, misery and distress because poverty needs no plans. If you do nothing, poverty attacks through negative thoughts and emotions.  Like causes produce like effects so if you want riches in your life, then you must produce the causes that bring riches. Attracting riches is like attracting the person of your dreams. You need desire, faith, love and carefully executed plans to bring riches. The simplest procedure is to ask for what you want, believe that you will receive it and then receive it.


Using MindDev you will understand that

ArrowNegative thoughts bring poverty, misery and failure

ArrowPositive thoughts through a positive mental attitude heads the list of the 12 things that make people rich

ArrowMoney is the last of the 12 things that make people rich


MindDev empowers you with

ArrowEffective Mind Development Education that actually works

ArrowTeaching success principles at low cost

ArrowEnabling effective development of Mind Power

ArrowTeaching everyone to think the way successful people think to ensure riches

ArrowEffective mental conditioning to bring all good into your life.


In your journey with FACSAD, you will further understand and use your Brain power to bring you Riches through the Power of Thought. You will be able to Conquer Fear and effectively use Emotional Transmutation to achieve success and wealth. You will be able to develop your Creative Imagination, influence and work with your Subconscious Mind by effectively using Autosuggestion and implementation of Faith. You will be fully convinced that your starting point is Definiteness of Purpose and your need to maintain a burning Desire to achieve riches. You will also develop the fundamentals of effective leadership and use the power of the Mastermind through Organised Planning.