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MindDev is a company setup by a small group of professionals who have started life in Poverty and made great achievements in relatively short time. We have been able to apply success principles by force of circumstances and definite intentions to achieve great success regardless of the odds. Throughout our lives, we have been faced with great challenges but still ended with success. These have been considered by acquaintances as miracles but to us, there was simply the conscious and subconscious use of definite principles. The great majority of people would have long failed not because they are weak, useless or unintelligent, but simply not knowing what can be achieved by the application of known principles.


Having observed people including close relatives and friends experiencing many forms of failures, defeat, misery, we have decided to find a way to give this education to as many people as possible, in an effort to achieve results in their lives. We provide general information on various aspects of the website to help you as a visitor to this website, become aware of your own mind power, what you are bringing into your life and what you need to do to maximize the chances of achieving success with any goal. We also have general pages which will give you quite a lot of detailed information about the purpose of the website and its contents. This is to ensure that all visitors to our website are well educated about what they are subscribing to before they commence the subscription process..