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You are probably in a situation which you believe is so difficult that there is nothing you could do to change or correct it. You might be thinking that everyone is so unreasonable to you. You might even be in great financial difficulty and do not know how you will get through the month, week or even day. You believe that someone, something or some being is controlling your life and you have to live with it, right? WRONG!



You might be married to someone who is seen by everyone else as being very good and you know that you are also good, but your marriage just cannot seem to work. You try your best to do everything good and you do not want to experience a broken marriage. It has to be the other person who is wrong. Right! On the other hand, the marriage you are in is not working simply because your partner is not a good person and is doing a lot of wrong things that is damaging to you and your family. You know not only by your understanding, but by the demonstration of the person’s actions that it is wrong. From your feelings and belief, there is nothing you could do to correct the problem, right? WRONG again!