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Some people say you need Love, while others say your need happiness, some others say you need money, yet others say you need Faith ... but what you really need is FACSAD. FACSAD is the word! (Pronounce as FAS-SAD)


As science develops with the developing human race, little by little, the truth is unfolding itself until it now appears certain that the principles laid down in FACSAD from decades of study into successful people hold the secrets of mastery over our economic faith.

What is FACSAD? FACSAD is the word which means the effective blending of success principles organised for you to control and make conscious use of the power of your Subconscious Mind and develop an ability to harness the forces of Infinite Intelligence to ensure the transmutation of your Desires into their physical equivalent or counterpart.


Each letter of FACSAD is the start of a word representing a phase which delivers a set of success principles. These principles have been organised in a well structured manner, FACSAD to ensure or maximise the chances of you gaining control over the material reaching your Subconscious Mind, with the purpose of controlling your Subconscious Mind so that it will bring into your life, everything you desire.  You cannot entirely control everything that reaches your Subconscious Mind or fully control your Subconscious Mind but with conscious knowledge and consistent application, you can gain sufficient control to transmute your Desires into their physical equivalent.


Each subscriber follows the course of mind development in the order as laid out in FACSAD.  By the end of this course, you will have achieved conscious awareness and use of your thoughts, plant desires and achieve these through application of the success principle, mastery over your economic faith and ultimately, your riches.  It is important to note that your riches depend entirely on your ability to use your mind in the way to attract riches.