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Though this is stating the obvious, it is critical that any person trying to transmute their desires into concrete form must know facts.   In most cases, we hand over our thinking to other people for various reasons and based on various assumptions. Some reasons are because others are assumed or expected to have adequate specialised knowledge and others are simply because of emotional bonds. Whatever the reason, this is one of the main causes of people not being able to transmute their desires into reality. It is important that you are able to call upon the service of people with specialised knowledge that you may not have but it is also important that you are selective in who you call upon for the necessary service.


In the case of specialised knowledge, it is important that you question the explanations and advice given to you by those charged with helping you achieve your goal. Though you may not necessarily need to understand all the details, you need to be able to establish confidence in the person you are working with and to ensure that you are receiving all the right information. In the case of emotional bonds, extracting the facts from information and advice from close relatives and friends could be a lot more difficult to master.


The ability to extract facts from any situation or set of information is critical to your success and is explained further in Working with FACTS. Because you understand your need to work with facts, you therefore need to Beware of Advice.