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> Fear

Any person who allows their mind to be filled with fear not only destroys their own chances of constructive action, but they also transmit these destructive vibrations to the minds of every person who comes into contact with them thereby hindering their chances too. The vibrations of fear and any of the other negative emotions can surely be passed from a personís mind to that of another just as quickly as a television picture is transmitted from the broadcasting station to the television receiving set. There is an old saying that you reap what you sow so a person thinking and speaking negative or destructive thoughts is sure to experience those same results in the form of a destructive kick-back.


Even without words, a person releasing destructive thought impulses alone results in a kick back in three main ways:

  1. The most important thing to remember is that a person who releases thoughts, destructive in nature will suffer damage in the breakdown of their creative imagination.
  2. The presence of any negative emotion in a personís mind develops a negative personality in that person, which repels others and often converts them into antagonists.
  3. The person who entertains or releases negative thoughts has to face a very significant fact. Thought impulses of a negative nature are not only damaging to others but they directly embed themselves in the subconscious mind of the person generating and releasing these thoughts which become a part of their character.


Every personís concern in life should be to achieve success in one form or another. For a person to be successful, they must find peace of mind, acquire the basic necessities and desired luxuries of life and more over, attain happiness. All the evidence of success begin as thought impulses.