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Weekly mind development material empowering you to transform your life.

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Great success and riches comes only to those who expect, plan and demand these things.


> What you get

Weekly material

Each week you will receive a phrase with directions to get the message and value contained in the phrase, to reach your subconscious mind.  You will also receive a new weekly material to help you enter a state of positive emotion.  Some of these are outrageously funny so enjoy.


If you are currently living in misery and do not believe you possess the power to transform your life then you are invited to read the article About you to understand the truth which the most successful people know and have known for many centuries.


Mind development material is provided each week with full instructions for the subscriber to use to achieve all the successes they desire. We believe the world is greatly in need of people understanding that they can make a positive difference in their lives and the world by bringing good into their lives especially during these difficult times.  Many books have been written about how to build wealth but very often, unless a person is within a certain circle of people, they would not know about these books. In some cases, people buy these books but still cannot achieve the success they desire. MindDev is aimed at helping and encouraging people to make progress consistently even if it is small. It also references other media for additional information. Our website will benefit not only individuals, but also businesses.


The success principles we deliver follow a precisely designed series of phases in our created acronym FACSAD. The subscriber web pages are organized with 4 main sections and these are

  1. Category Explanations of a particular success principle example Desire - which is the starting point of all accumulation of riches. Category will give good explanation about desire and hence its importance.
  2. Positive Emotions A section is created to enable subscribers to enter a state of positive emotion before they start to make use of self suggestion of the phrase/poem. Subscribers are helped to achieve this by giving a new short joke in each subscriber page
  3. Phrase/Poem Phrase our team constructed to use the principle of autosuggestion where subscribers will use these as self suggestions. Everyone uses self suggestion subconsciously but most often in a negative way. We are helping you to use these in a positive way.
  4. Directions The directions are a series of steps subscribers are given to enable them to make best use of auto-suggestion through effective self suggestion. It also provides information about the positive mind stimulants.


We also include on our website, a web page that list the sources of information or media that may contain a subset of what we are delivering. This list includes books, websites and any other media we have used.