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The website includes a comprehensive set of information to give you a broad understanding of the power of your mind and its working principles.  It also brings to your awareness, the various aspects of material that reaches your mind.  Please take time to read this abundance of free information.  In addition, for you to achieve success with developing your mind, it is critical that you maintain a spirit of open-mindedness.  Closed minds do not inspire faith or belief and without these, no form riches is achievable.

Every aspect of this website has a meaning and shown most appropriately to convey the correct message. 

  •   Background – The background which looks into deep space is representative of the Universe, that is, Infinite Intelligence which is the source of all knowledge and power
  • MindDev Logo – The Logo tells you that this sight is about your mind development and the message given to you in this process is Infinite Intelligence informing you to “Claim Your Riches” there are great promises awaiting you
  •  Top Menu – Groups of better detailed information to give you a good understanding of your thoughts, the website and riches.  Note with great benefit that a positive mental attitude is the first and foremost important of the 12 things that make you rich
  • Rolling Banner – These are a specific sequence pictures and phrases to inform you that your thoughts are the key to you claiming your riches starting with Mind Development to unlock your true potential.  
  • Top section – Subscriber access to the weekly material
  • Bottom section – additional navigation menu items along with the legal entity information of MindDev

 Instructions to use the website most effectively are provided below.


General Information

Information in these pages is arranged in groups identified by the menu items.  Click each menu item to obtain specific information related to that item.  Some menu items also have a drop down menu which are headings to additional information in the same group.  The menu items are

HOME – this is the general introduction page which gives an overview of the success principles thought through FACSAD, the website and what you can achieve from it

ABOUT US – This gives details about MindDev and the website site

OUR AIM – This explains the purpose of the site being to help people awaken their awareness and develop their minds to achieve whatever they desire.

POWER OF THOUGHT – This provides details to the fact that your thoughts are powerful and are not to be taken lightly

FACSAD – This represents the structured process that the success principles are arranged in and therefore the mind development sequence that the course follows.  Each letter represents a phase which contains a logical arrangement of appropriate sets of success principles.

EXPECTED RESULTS – This explains the results that you can expect to achieve from following this course

FACTS – Here we recognised and convey the importance that working with facts are most important in order for you to be able to make real progress in life. 

OTHER – Additional information including information source and an example of one of the weekly material is provided.

SUBSCRIBE – This takes you through the simple process to provide the small donation in order to access the wealth of weekly mind development material

FAQ’S – All questions asked by people via the website or any other source such as Facebook, are collated and answered on this page.

CONTACT US – information and form to allow you to directly contact us for any reason relating to the contents and use of MindDev website

In each page of the website, there are some links to other pages with further clarification on specific words.  Simply click these to navigate to those pages.  Use the menu items and the drop down menu to navigate back to one of the specific pages.  In addition, using the back button of your browser also allows you to return to the page you navigated from.  In some cases, the additional information opens in a new browser window so this can be closed on completion, to allow you to return to the page you were actually reading.

The website has legal terms and conditions to protect both MindDev and the users of this website.  Also included is the privacy policy.
Across the top is a View Your Subscription title and Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4.  These are inactive for visitors to the site who are not logged into an account with MindDev.  When a subscriber logs into the site, this top menu items become active with the Week 1 through to Week 4 being updated to show the current and 3 most recent weeks for the logged in subscriber.  The subscriber would then click on one of these to be taken to that week’s material.

Smartphone users

The website can also be accessed using Smartphone.  To do this, we recommend using Dolphin Browser for Android phones.  Mozilla Firefox web browser app for androids does not work well with our website.

When using android web browser app, to access a menu item from a dropdown menu, swipe your finger downwards over the top menu item.  The dropdown menu appears and the appropriate item could them be selected by tapping it.


Weekly material

The weekly material is arranged specifically to maximise your chances of it reaching and influencing your subconscious mind and this is as detailed in the What You Get webpage.  Also explained is the structure of each weeks’ material and week 6 material is shown as an example.  We hope you enjoy the weeks’ positive emotions statements or story.  We must admit that some of these are quite humorous.

For subscribers logged in to access their weekly material, they have 3 main navigation areas to access current and previous weeks’ material.  These are the ‘View Your Subscriptions’ Weeks across the top of the website, the list of the weeks materials to the right of the subscriber weekly webpage, and the FACSAD Menu Bar.  The FACSAD Menu Bar spells the word for each phase that each letter represents.   Click on the menu item to read the explanations appropriate to the phase.  The dropdown menu items show the set of success principles appropriate to the phase in FACSAD.

The rolling banner is replaced by the name and an image appropriate to the success principle for the week material being access.


Claim your riches

Everyone who reaches the age of understanding of money wishes for it.  Wishing will not bring riches.  But desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, and planning definite ways and means to acquire riches.  And backing those plans with persistence which does not recognise failure will bring riches.  Napoleon Hill

Though this phrase holds the truth that you may be seeking to enable you to achieve all that you desire, the success principles in FACSAD empowers you to develop that state of mind to attract the riches you desire.  Infinite Intelligence wants you to have all you want to live a full and abundant life.