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> Riches

Many people would like to be rich but not everyone knows what constitutes enduring riches.  There may be a lot of people who are already rich but not realise it, in just the same as there are many others who may think they are rich because of having a lot of money, but in reality, are only financially comfortable.  Riches are not a measure of only money.  There are significantly higher estates of riches that cannot be measured in terms of money.  We may know of many people who were at one stage in their life, in possession of a lot of money, millions of dollars but after some years, struggling to provide the three basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter.  We may even know of some who died poor after previously being extremely "rich" (in money).  You may also know of people who are financially comfortable but by their own deeds, suffering the loss of good relationships with close relatives and or friends.


There are 12 things that constitutes real riches and observe with great benefit that money comes at the end of the list.

  1. A Positive Mental Attitude - Take note with great benefit that this heads the list
  2. Sound Physical Health
  3. Harmony in Human Relations
  4. Freedom from Fear
  5. The Hope of Future Achievement
  6. The Capacity for Applied Theme
  7. Willingness to Share Ones Blessings with Others
  8. To Be Engaged In the Labour of Love
  9. An Open Mind On All Subjects Towards All People
  10. Complete Self Discipline
  11. Wisdom With Which To Understand People
  12. Financial Security i.e. Money is the least of the 12 things that make people rich

In observing the lists of the 12 things that make people rich, it is important to maintain a clear understanding of the overall picture.  Remember, you are after your riches, not to make others think great about you or to risk your riches to get along with everyone.  As an example, item 3, Harmony in Human Relations could be misinterpreted to mean that you should get along well with everyone who knows you or is associated with you.  The most important thing is for you to endeavour to be of good character, respectful, think well and mean well of others.  You will also need to have courage to stand for what you believe and protect yourself from negative influences.  This is the point where item 11 comes to your aid as there are many people who would give you and others the impression that they mean well of you but the reality being quite different.  It is therefore important that you do not allow anyone to stop you from claiming your riches.  It is your given right to do so.


The accumulation of riches cannot be left to chance, good fortune or luck.  To have riches, you must have intense desire for riches, create plans then back your plans with persistence which does not recognise failure.  On your road to riches, you will experience many defeats and negative influences.  FACSAD is designed to help you create that state of mind to ensure you develop and maintain mental robustness with focus on your desires, implementation of the tools and skills needed for you to accumulate your riches.