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> Succeptibility to Negative Influences

We may believe that we have control of everything or at least most things we do and actions we take in the various situations in which we find ourselves. We may believe that we are extremely tough physically and mentally but find ourselves unhappy too often and do not know how to address the problems that are causing our unhappiness. We may even find that unpleasant things we hear about ourselves upsets us and sometimes without actually realising it. Worst of all, sometimes we may be grumpy or just find ourselves having an avalanche of negative thoughts of past events or situations and in some cases, of situations that never or may never exist.


These things rob us of our given time and happiness but are taught to be difficult to resolve. The truth is that with every problem, there is a cause. Some people are willing to learn and accept the truth or Fact of what is causing the problem and to address, resolve or eliminate that cause therefore removing the problem. If the problem still exists then it simply means that what was thought to be the cause was not actually the root cause.


The truth is that all of us are subject to a very powerful enemy which is part of practically every difficulty we experience in our lives. This enemy is the natural susceptibility to negative influences. It is the greatest evil that a person could experience and it is extremely difficult to recognise, conquer or counteract its existence and effects. Knowledge of this now makes you aware of its existence and therefore allows you to start thinking of reducing the effects of this enemy.