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Testimonial - By Lester

Lester Grannum

Smart Choice Auto


MindDev reveals the truth about limitless possibilities. The programme imparted the virtues of planting a seed and watching it grow while maintaining consistency in my approach and staying true to my goals.



More significantly it continued the process of development and reinforcement of the truth that was lying dormant. I have great pleasure in applying the success principles in FACSAD thought by Minddev with the primary objective in life and business being to deliver the best possible service and a long lasting experience to my customers.

Testimonial - By Roland

Roland Jack


MindDev teaches a lot of truth that I have known for a long time but not quite implementing them.  Becoming a part of MindDev has given me a lot of peace and happiness as I continue developing myself with the principles and seeing my life changing for the better.


I know that sometimes in life, things may seem quite bad and having been through many struggles, I always keep trying and somehow achieve successes.  Sometimes I feel that life is throwing a lot of bad things at me even though I keep trying my best.  Having started the study of the success principles of MindDev, I realise that though I have been applying some of its principles, I have fallen short of others.  I am now very happy for MindDev as it is giving me great confidence to continue improving my life.  It teaches the principles in a very down to earth way that enables absolutely anyone to understand and use it.  This is mind development with a real positive difference.

Testimonial - By Trevor

Trevor Dunlop

Chartered Engineer, MIET


It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to provide this testimonial.  As a person with very high integrity, it is not in my nature to do something or support something if it is not consistent with my principles and understanding.  Over the years having started from very humble beginnings, I have enjoyed many successes.  I started my road to success from a simple statement about Faith and along the way, recognised and worked with Infinite Intelligence.  In this process, I experienced many temporary defeats but because of subconscious application of the success principles contained in FACSAD of MindDev, I achieve great successes.


The ability to understand and use the success principles did take a few years and this was lengthen becauce of occasionally loosing focus, confidence or courage.  In general, losses were not high as I was often able to set myself back on track.  Had MindDev existed at the time I started applying success principles, my achievements would have been better and I would have certainly been enjoying a much fuller life at an earlier age.